Wild Hog Target System

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People asked, and we answered: here are the first members of our Animal Target System Family. This target mounts just like our A-DAP system and comes with a base, brackets, hardware, and target plate. The pig and coyote silhouette are approximately 3'-4" Long tail to nose and about 1'-9" From feet to shoulder. Assembly is exactly the same as our A-DAP system, so this is a very user friendly and transportable target system. Rifles like .223/556 NATO can be used as close as 100 yards as long as the ammunition used is 3,000 FPS or less at the muzzle. For faster ammunition, please increase distance. For hunters in states with a feral hog or coyote problems, these targets will help you work your skill set and train from less than ideal shooting positions. Simply trim the 2x4 post to make the animal target whatever height you desire. We recommend keeping the feet close to the ground for the most realistic target. Grab one of these awesome targets for your range today. 


 ***PLEASE NOTE: These targets are built to order. Please expect a +/- 2 week lead time for this product from time of order to time of shipment. We apologize for this inconvenience but rest assured we will produce and ship your target as quickly as possible. For bulk orders or to order a full set of animal targets, simply email us at info@tatargets.com. If you are looking for targets that ship immediately (same or next day usually) then look at our Magnum A-DAP systems. ****


- Extremely durable and stable OVERSIZED 26" round base

- Standard Tool-less construction, just like our other A-DAP targets

- 3/8" AR550 plate construction, which can be unbolted and flipped to extend life of target

- Target Plate Dimensions: Approximately 3'-4 Long x 1'-9" Tall

- Bolts are our standard GRADE 8 Carriage bolts

- This target plate features a forward lean and moves when struck to absorb energy and deflect fragmentation to the ground

-Rated for pistols at 10 yards and Rifles 3,000 FPS or less at 50 yards (.223 & .308 or similar calibers), magnum calibers at 100 yards or more with ammo 3,000 fps or less. 

Approximate weight of complete system boxed is 90 +/- pounds

- Ships in two packages, boxes will be very heavy so handle with care

- Base not intended to withstand bullet impacts

- Not intended for steel core or penetrator ammunition

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Extra Hardware option. Includes (2) spare Grade 8 Carriage bolts, (2) lock nuts, one clevis pin, one clip. Adds $8 to total.


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