VTAR- Self Resetting Popper

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VTAR stands for Variable Tension Auto Resetting. Robust, functional, elegant, addicting are a few ways these have been described by those who have used them so far. Adjustable for virtually any calibers, this popper is truly a next generation system.

For years the only self-resetting Popper targets have used small, weak torsion springs which would only allow smaller plates to be used. Some of these systems use targets that are 16” or smaller in height, which does not offer a lot of value to a customer. This system throws that all out the window and offers our customers a robust, well designed system that doesn’t break the bank.

We have always loved popper style targets, but we realized that popper style targets are best in sets. This creates a disadvantage for a backyard shooter who is on a tighter budget because buying one just didn’t make sense. We have now offered a solution that can be used with springs to auto reset upon impact, or our customers can remove the springs and use the targets like a popper style knock down target! Whether you are using these for your clubs competitions, or just buying one for plinking with your favorite hunting rifle, you can rest assured that this target is full of features that offer more value to our customers than any other Popper style target on the market.





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Written by A. Bigger on Feb 14th 2019

Very good design, and in practice the VTAR popper works very well. I bought this model because I wanted to incorporate shooting a steel popper targets into my regular practice for USPSA. This product works well for that purpose because I can immediately determine if I made a successful hit on the target, yet I do not have to travel down range each time to reset it. Perfect solution.

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