Vital Zone Target

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The Vital Zone Target is the next iteration of our older Gen 3 Zone Target. As customers may recall, we offered a Zone Target system that was on our site for a few years. It required welding and featured much smaller paddles than the Vital Zone Target. What this means is it was NOT close range carbine rated and was unable to be used with calibers like 308. We phased that older system out to make room for this one: The Vital Zone Target. 

The Vital Zone target is created from a USPSA sized C Zone plate. Then we cut out a TRUE A Zone center section and mounted a paddle behind the opening. There is a DISTINCT audible difference between an edge hit along the C Zone plate or a perfect shot placement within the A Zone. Fresh paint can also be used to perfectly tell where shots are landing. This system is specifically designed for departments and shooters looking to be able to better track shot placement without the need to replace paper targets constantly on a range with multiple shooters. This means faster, more efficient training which means more rounds down range with purpose. 

The C Zone plate as well as the paddle are constructed from our legendary, ultra high quality 3/8" AR550 steel. Due to the nature of the construction and brackets we ONLY offer this target in 3/8" AR550 at this time. There are NO WELDS on this target plate whatsoever so the C Zone plate can be flipped and shot on the reverse side and the paddle can as well. This equates to double the life of the system. The lack of welds means the structural integrity of the system is retained and our customers get the absolute most value out of this system, PERIOD. 

The Angle brackets are laser cut and CNC formed and feature 3 hole locations to adjust the forward lean of the system. Yes, this is 2.0 Spec. The Vital Zone can also be used with ALL of our A-DAP accessories because it shares the same 2.0 top bracket as our full line of A-DAP target systems. Yeah, that is epic. 



- Extremely durable and stable 20" round base as a standard option. (Arachnid Armored Base available for ULTIMATE stability. Choose from options)

- Standard Tool-less construction, just like our other A-DAP targets

- This system is currently offered in 3/8" AR550 steel: Balance of COST and VALUE. 

- Target Plate Dimensions: C Zone is 12"W x 24" H. A Zone opening is a TRUE A Zone opening. The paddle is slightly larger to fully cover the opening even from slight angled shots

- Bolts are our standard GRADE 8 Carriage bolts

- This system features our newest adjustable lean brackets for optimum target lean for various uses and distances. Please note: we recommend purchasing the steel armored post if you desire to use the steepest hole location with the C Zone plate. 

-3/8" AR550: Rated for pistols at 10 yards, .223-308 at 50 yards. Larger calibers 100 yards. 

- Please watch our video on ammo selection on this page prior to shooting your target to ensure you have the correct ammo for our recommended distances. Improper ammo use WILL damage your target. 

- Approximate weight of complete system is 65 pounds

- Ships in a 24"x24"X6" box

- Base not intended to withstand bullet impacts

- Not intended for steel core or penetrator ammunition

Manuals and Instructions:

Please visit our Manuals and Instructions page.



Customize Your Target Below:


Choose your Base Style: *
Add a Hostage Assembly to your A-DAP? Save 25% off your Hostage Assembly now when you bundle.
Add an Armored Post to Your Order? No more pesky 2x4's PLUS This armored post ships FREE when ordered with a system!!
Extra Hardware option. Includes (2) spare Grade 8 Carriage bolts, (2) lock nuts, one clevis pin, one clip. Adds $8 to total.
Mount Type
A-DAP 2.0 Top Bracket (Or Armored Post)
Steel Grade
3/8" Thick AR550 Steel
Fast, Tool-Less Assembly
Adjustable Lean?
Yes. 3 Angles of Adjustment Available Standard
Laser Cut, CNC Press Brake Formed to Perfect Angles


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