USPSA Style Cardboard Target - Pack of 50

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We decided we would get into the manufacturing of cardboard targets. We see them as a vital piece of your range day kit and they can really help track performance when coupled with steel targets. 

**These are BASED on USPSA Spec. Dimensionally they are correct. This is our FIRST batch and our die perforated all the way through to the white side. For this reason, we are NOT selling them AS "USPSA Spec". These are PERFECT for training, we would not recommend purchasing them for competitive use as they don't perfectly match USPSA standards. The Next batch will be corrected and will be official targets. For that reason they are offered at a discount for this batch. 

Alaska and Hawaii orders please contact us. 


- High Quality Cardboard

- Front is Craft (brown)

- Rear side is White

- This batch considered "blems" as the perforations and letters pierced all the way through the cardboard. There may also be other slight blemishes that will not affect performance. 

- USPSA A Zone, B Zone, C and D Zone labeled to spec.

- Perfect for practice and training

- Work well with our 20" and Arachnid Bases for training. 



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Cardboard targets
Written by Kane on Jul 20th 2020

Great value and really nice cardboard targets for the money, Will definitely buy again and shipping is always very fast from TATargets...

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