The Phantom- Reactive Target System

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Patent Pending Reference: 14/994,407

The Phantom target training system was designed specifically with law enforcement and military training in mind. The Phantom is an interactive AR500 steel handgun target training system that the instructor can control. Each individual target is completely mobile and can be controlled remotely, allowing the instructor to change the target threat scenario to match the training needs. The Phantom allows scenario training in an urban environment, wooded scenario, or automobile ambush, keeping the target threat hidden until the instructor reveals the threat. There are no limitations within the 60 yard range of the remote control. There are no wires; no air lines, no cords to burry in the ground. Just set the target down and turn on the receiver that is completely protected inside the target. This simple design creates a completely modular system that is able to be adapted to specific training needs.

When using our competitors systems, the target threats are standing and are fully known to the trainee before they even begin the training exercise. When the target is knocked down, they automatically stand back up after only a few seconds. This is a distinct disadvantage when an instructor wishes to have the element of surprise to help trainee’s work through stress during training. When using the Phantom, the targets only become visible when the instructor wants them to be, and they can reset automatically, or be held down until the instructor wishes to release them again. The target systems are sold individually, or up to a 12 target system, all being controlled by a single remote control. Multiple targets may be programmed to a single button allowing an instructor to release a single target or multiple targets, depending on the training scenario and the instructor’s needs. Each receiver may be programmed for up to 42 different button combinations, allowing virtually endless options for fine tuning a training scenario to suit the instructor’s needs. Receivers can easily be programmed as described, and they require no tools or special equipment to re-program.

The Phantoms are virtually indestructible when used in handgun and light rifle training. But living in the real world, we know that everything can and will eventually wear and break. The phantom has been designed so it can be easily serviced with simple hand tools, even for those among us who do not have extensive mechanical experience. This simplified design makes the target more affordable than our competitors and ensures that the target works shot after shot. If the battery dies during an exercise, the target does not become inoperable like some of our competitors, it simply becomes an auto reset target and in many cases this allows the scenario or drill to continue. After the training drill is over, simply recharge the 12v battery with included battery charging unit or replace with another battery with full charge. A fully charged battery offers 6+ hours of continued use.

The 1/4” AR500 steel handgun target has been mathematically sized and weighted to function properly with the handgun calibers typically found within law enforcement and military. A 115g 9mm will knock the target down along with all standard .40 and .45 caliber rounds. There is no adjustment needed between calibers. The 1/4” AR500 target plate can be replaced with a 3/8” head plate to be used with 5.56 / 223 standard ball ammo, making this system an excellent choice for SWAT or military close quarters training scenarios. Be sure to check out our youtube and facebook pages for test videos and instructional videos of the Phantom training system!


-Front Shield made of AR500 steel

-Top deflectors made of AR500 Steel

-Available in 1/4" AR550 handgun plate and 3/8" AR550 light rifle plate (223/556, 300 blackout) *Now also available in 1/2" AR550

-Includes battery, receivers, remote, ammo can (for electronics), and all necessary hardware for use. 

-Please note the Phantom CAN be purchased here on our online store, however freight shipping will be added to the order after it is placed. Please note that these systems MUST be shipped via freight carriers. For more information feel free to contact us. 

For more information or to purchase Phantom, email Tactical AR500 Targets, Inc. at

- Please allow a 3-4 week lead time for orders.


$1400 (1/4" AR plate target) $1500.00 (3/8' AR550 Target)*

*Quantity discounts available

** Also available in 1/2" AR550 target plates for larger calibers



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