Legacy Fire Box - The Nomad

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We have all been through a lot the last couple months. We've seen shutdowns, been forced in some states to completely isolate. Through trials we forge forward. 

One way our team has decided to do that is by spending time near the fire with family and loved ones. There is something incredibly peaceful about the crackle of a fire and we feel that this is just what is needed to bring a small piece of normal back into your life. Our Nomad is the perfect firebox for nearly any location. The embers are contained and the legs keep the intense heat from the ground. This is the perfect firebox for any patio setting or outdoor space. 

The walls feature notches to safely hold fire sticks for cooking marshmallows and hot dogs. Many aftermarket stainless grates can be laid across the top for cooking burgers and other food. 

The extremely rugged construction and American craftsmanship ensures that this firebox will live on...just like your legacy. 

*Note: We expect high order volume through the Memorial Day weekend and following weeks. Please expect some lead times for your orders as we expect stock to leave as fast as we produce. There MAY be a 1-2 week lead time for these fireboxes depending on volume. You will receive an email at time of shipment with tracking information. These are made by us in our shop in the US...just for you! Enjoy!


The Nomad:

- Fully supported bottom: Keeps fire and hot embers off the ground

- Collapsible: Designed for the constant traveler

- Sides are 3/16” Mild Steel, the Bottom is 1/4" Mild steel, and has holes to allow proper air flow.

- This model is perfect for places where a fire burning directly on the ground is less than ideal

- Current Designs: Eastern Woods (Bear, Turkey, Deer with Antlers, Mountainside) & Patriotic (Eagle, Crossed Muskets, Let Freedom Ring, 13 Colonies Flag)

- The nomad will ship in an 24”x24”x4” box via Fed-Ex or UPS ground

- Approximate weight is 75 pounds assembled

- Approximate size assembled is 14"(H) x 20" x 20". Measures approximately 28" corner to corner

- Retail Price: $154.99

- We currently do not offer grates or fire sticks. They can be purchased at many outdoor stores in every state. 

- We currently do not offer custom designs. We plan to explore this in the future but for the time being it is not an option. 


Some General Notes:

- Fires CAN be dangerous. Please be responsible, only YOU can ensure your campfire is safe and enjoyable

- Follow all local codes and ordinances with regards to outdoor fires BEFORE ordering your fire pit. Some places, although rare, do not allow outdoor fires. It is your responsibility to check before purchasing if you are able to have outdoor fires

- Fires are HOT. Keep kids away from the steel sides and legs at all times.

- Keep Fire Boxes away from anything flammable. This includes your cars, houses, siding, steps, decks, etc.

- These fire pits are designed for flat ground, and are easier to set up on level surfaces.

- Please always allow ember’s to burn out and ensure steel sides are cool before dis-assembling the Fire Boxes.

- For more information on fire safety please follow the link here: https://smokeybear.com/en/prevention-how-tos/campfire-safety




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Love this thing!
Written by Graig Davis on Jun 10th 2020

Im really impressed with the quality and simplicity of the Nomad firebox. My family and I have enjoyed sitting around the fire together several times and we just got it. Looking forward to many more memories sitting around the fire using the Nomad.

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