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As Summer Gives way to Fall, the temperatures start to drop, the sweaters come out, and families begin to spend more and more time relaxing outdoors. There is something about the crackle of a fire that helps bring the family and conversations closer. Besides offering high quality products to you, our customers, our biggest passions are our families and watching them grow closer. These are the ones we love and cherish, who are the foundations behind everything that TAT is, and everything we stand for.

As we neared closer and closer to Autumn, we decided it was the perfect time to place our Legacy Fire Boxes onto our website. Legacies live on, many times far past their creators. We wanted to create a Fire Box that, just like all of our legacies and the legacies of our customers, would live on for years and years to come. We chose to build our Fire Boxes from 3/16” and 1/4" mild steel, which is double the thickness of most Fire Boxes on the market. Our Legacy Fire Boxes are perfect for those who love to spend time by the fire. Our fire boxes fully contain embers in 3/16” steel sides, tastefully decorated in several designs. The sides (and bottom on the Nomad Model) all interlock without tools, so assembly is swift and pain-less, and the Fire Boxes may be taken apart for storage or transportation. Each side has half circles cut into the plate, creating the perfect resting spot for fire sticks. We hope you take a moment to consider one of our Legacy Fire Boxes. Scroll through the pictures to see currently available designs. Expect seasonal and special occasion designs to come in the months ahead.


The Nomad:

- Fully supported bottom: Keeps fire and hot embers off the ground

- Collapsible: Designed for the constant traveler

- Sides are 3/16” Mild Steel, the Bottom is 1/4" Mild steel, and has holes to allow proper air flow.

- This model is perfect for places where a fire burning directly on the ground is less than ideal

- Current Designs: TAT Branded logos, Eastern Woods (Bear, Turkey, Deer with Antlers, Mountainside), Patriotic (Eagle, Crossed Muskets, Let Freedom Ring, 13 Colonies Flag)

- The nomad will ship in an 18”x18”x4” box via Fed-Ex or UPS ground

- Approximate weight is 75 pounds assembled

- Approximate size assembled is 14"(H) x 20" x 20". Measures approximately 28" corner to corner

- Retail Price: $134.99


Some General Notes:

- Fires CAN be dangerous. Please be responsible, only YOU can ensure your campfire is safe and enjoyable

- Follow all local codes and ordnances with regards to outdoor fires BEFORE ordering your fire pit. Some places, although rare, do not allow outdoor fires. It is your responsibility to check before purchasing if you are able to have outdoor fires

- Fires are HOT. Keep kids away from the steel sides and legs at all times.

- Keep Fire Boxes away from anything flammable. This includes your cars, houses, siding, steps, decks, etc.

- These fire pits are designed for flat ground, and are easier to set up on level surfaces.

- Please always allow ember’s to burn out and ensure steel sides are cool before dis-assembling the Fire Boxes.

- For more information on fire safety please follow the link here:





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Fire Box
Written by Mickey Schuch on Sep 24th 2017

I have several other items from TATARGETS, all are built with care, and an eye for detail. The new Fire Box is no different. It arrived right away and upon unboxing, which only took about 30 seconds, I assembled it in a snap with no instructions needed. Super cool and intuitive design The Fire Box is a handsome addition to our back yard and I look forward to many years of family fires around it. -Mickey Schuch CarryTrainer

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