In the industry it is hard to tell what a good deal on a target is. Some search simply for price, while others strive to have the strongest safest targets available. For years you either sacrificed quality for cost, or cost for quality. We are now here to say that you CAN have an extremely durable target for an exceptionally low cost! Enter our 2/3 Magnum A-DAP system! Through taking steps to make our process more efficient, to ordering bulk material in larger sheets, we are now able to create a 3/8" AR550 target system that gets you the price point of the "little guys", with the quality that is unsurpassed in this industry. 

We are extremely excited to be releasing our NEW 2/3 Magnum A-DAP target! This target is designed with serious shooters in mind, who wish to have a more realistic "A Zone" style target, that is affordable and can take the rigors from close range rifle use. We spent months tweaking the mounting location and attachments as well as the plate dimensions to create a target system that will last tens of thousands of rounds. The report from the target when struck is very clear and audible, and this target features a steeper lean angle than our typical A-DAP system. The steeper lean helps deflect bullet energy to offer and exceptionally long life span. The 3/8" AR550 construction is much more durable and resistant to chipping and pitting than the industry standard AR500 steel, even when used under 100 yards with calibers such as .223/5.56 NATO. The base and top bracket attachments are identiclal to our regular A-DAP system, so shooters can rest assured that they have the most rugged and stable platform available. All of this combined creates a target that is destined to be on everyone's range. The time for settling for less is over, the time for better targets is NOW.



- Extremely durable and stable 20" round base

- Standard Tool-less construction, just like our other A-DAP targets

- 3/8" AR550 plate construction, which can be unbolted and flipped to extend life of target

- Target Plate Dimensions: Approximately 8" Wide x 16" Tall

- Bolts are our standard GRADE 8 Carriage bolts

- The forward lean is approximately 10 degrees steeper than our regular A-DAP systems

- Rated for pistols at 10 yards, .223-308 at 50 yards. Larger calibers 100 yards. 

- Approximate weight of complete system is 45 pounds

- Ships in a 24"x24"X6" box

- Base not intended to withstand bullet impacts

- Not intended for steel core or penetrator ammunition


Manuals and Instructions:

Please visit our Manuals and Instructions page.


Recommended distances:

- 3/8" AR550: 10 yards for pistol use, 50 yards for 5.56 LEAD CORE ammunition, 50 yards for .308win/7.62 NATO, Calibers larger than .308 up to and including .338 Lapua: 100 yards. *Not recommended for .50 BMG.

- 1/2" AR550: 10 yards for pistol use, 30 yards for 5.56 LEAD CORE ammunition, 50 yards for .308 win/7.62 NATO, Calibers larger than .308 up to and including .338 Lapua: 100 yards. *Not recommended for .50 BMG inside of 500 yards. For close range .50 BMG use, see our Goliath target system!


Manuals and Instructions:

Please visit our Manuals and Instructions page.


2-3-magnum-1.jpg 2-3-magnum-2.jpg img-0056-5x7-91436.1496837126.1280.1280.jpg magnum-adap-targets-4.jpg magnum-adap-targets-5.jpg magnum-adap-targets-6.jpg 2-3-magnum-3.jpg img-0069-5x7-51806.1525960450.1280.1280.jpg img-6014-5x7-81762.1525959960.1280.1280.jpg  magnum-adap-targets-11.jpg magnum-adap-targets-12.jpg