The Goliath Target is designed to fill the void that typical steel targets cannot. It is designed to handle up to 750g A-MAX ammunition from a .50 at 100 yards! The target plate is constructed of 1/2" AR550 steel, and it pivots on a central point, effectively absorbing and dispelling energy and fragmentation. The stand is robust and large and allows the user to stake it into the ground if the need arises. It can be completely disassembled and transported very easily. The weight of the target plate alone is 70+ pounds!

Recommended calibers and distances:

The Goliath may be used with calibers as small as .22LR up to the venerable .50 BMG. If rimfire or standard pistol (9mm, .40, .45ACP) is to be used we recommend 10 yards minimum, as with all of our other pistol systems. Centerfire rifles up to .308 Win MAY be used as close as 50 yards, but we do NOT recommend any closer than that. Larger calibers than the .308 winchester should remain at 100 yards minimum, this is including up to .50 BMG. This target is the "Do All" target, and can handle almost anything you throw at it!


-Target plate is 1/2" thick AR550 steel

-Bolts are 3/4" diameter Grade 8 carriage bolts

-Head pin is a 3/4" diameter hardened pin

-Total weight of system is approximately 120 pounds assembled

-This target ships in 2 packages

-Wood post is not included 

-Steel stand is not designed to withstand impacts from bullets

Special Notes: 

Please note that although this target is designed for .50BMG it is NOT designed to be impacted with armor piercing, armor piercing incendiary, or incendiary ammunition. This form of ammunition WILL damage the 1/2" AR550 plate! PLEASE ONLY USE LEAD CORE AMMO!

Optional Accessories:

We offer an optional post guard for the Goliath Target. This is a build to order item, we dont currently stock the guards, but they can easily be fabricated and added to your order before shipment of your Goliath Target. The post guard is a "V" shape made from 3/8" AR500 steel. It simply slides over the wood 4x4 post and then effectively protects the post from low hits. This is especially advantageous when shooting long distances where bullet drop can be significant and post hits may be inevitable. Please message us at info@tacticalar500targets.com for more information.

Manuals and Instructions:

Please visit our Manuals and Instructions page.

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