People are really excited about all of our target systems, but some folks still wanted a cheaper alternative that allows them to incorporate steel onto their ranges at a lower price point. We answered the call and created a vast lineup of various sizes of steel Gongs.

All of our gongs currently offered are made from high quality AR500 or AR550 steel. We offer them in either 1/4” AR500 for handgun and rimfire use, 3/8” AR500 for handgun and rifle use, and 1/2" AR550 for magnum rifle use. We also went a different route than the competition; we maintained as much metal around the holes as possible to ensure your target lasts. Many of the competitors utilize small tabs or “ears” off the target, and that creates a weak point, which can eventually crack and break. All of our targets have ½” squares burned into them, this allows you to utilize the included carriage bolts which are more durable and easier to install than standard hex bolts. As with all of our targets, these are 100% made by Americans in the USA! See all applicable prices below. All gong targets ship via ground shipping for FREE in the lower 48 states!


- Pistol Gongs are made from 1/4” AR500  hardened steel

- Pistol Gongs are NOT intended to be shot with rifles

- Rifle Gongs are made from 3/8” AR500 hardened steel

- Magnum Rifle Gongs are made from 1/2" AR550 steel

- For pistol use always maintain 10 yards minimum from target

- For rifle use on 3/8" AR500 gongs, maintain 100 yards MIN. at all times

- For rifle use on magnum AR550 gongs, calibers up to .223/5.56 may be used at 30 yards, larger than .223 up to .308 may be used at 50 yards, larger than .308 must be at 100 yards MIN.

- Every gong purchase comes with (2) Grade 8 carriage bolts and (2) nylon lock nuts.

- Customer must provide mounting method

- All Gongs ship unpainted

Manuals and Instructions:

Please visit our Manuals and Instructions page.




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