In 2016 we began offering Gongs as an inexpensive way for everyone to begin shooting steel. For 2017 one of our goals was to offer a way for our customers to safely hang their new gongs! The Gong Hangers are both affordable, and extremely durable. It starts out with our standard 20 inch diameter base, which creates the foundation for this system. The front deflector shield is made from 1/4" AR500 steel, and it is angled forward to dispel fragmentation and bullet energy. The bolts are Grade 8  hardened carriage bolts. This system is rated to handle pistols and rifles, however the rating is dependent on the style and thickness of gong purchased. Please note that ALL rifle use on this system, with RIFLE rated gongs should be kept to 100 yards minimum to avoid damage to the front deflector shield from high power rifles.

We offer this system for either single Gongs, or double Gong targets. This Gong Hanger can be used with any of our available gongs on our site, which further adds to the versatility of the system. Assembly and disassembly is extremely simple, and the entire system can break down to fit into even small vehicles.

Simple hand wrenches are required for initial assembly. Please note that the actual Gongs are sold separately. We do this to allow our customers at checkout to determine the exact size and thickness of Gongs that suits them best.


- Single Gong Hanger: $149.99

- Double Gong Hanger: $169.99

- Gong Targets sold separately

- Use with ANY of our available gongs

- Front deflector shield is 1/4" AR500 steel

- Included: Base, top bracket, deflector shield, chains, and all necessary hardware for assembly

- Base and chains not intended to withstand bullet impacts

- Not intended for steel core or penetrator ammunition

Manuals and Instructions:

Please visit our Manuals and Instructions page.

*NOTE: Direct hits to the 1/4" AR500 shield by calibers larger than .308 should be avoided. If you are to use calibers larger than 308 and fear direct hits to the shield are imminent, please contact us via email and we can provide a 3/8" AR500 shield option and price.  

**Due to the fact that gongs can be purchased in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, with a variety of caliber ratings, the style of Gong you purchase determines the rating for the system. For example if you buy 1/4" AR500 gongs, use ONLY pistols. If you buy 3/8” AR500, you may use rifles at 100 yards. Also note that although some gongs may be rated for rifle use closer than 100 yards (1/2" AR550 gongs) direct hits to the deflector shield should be avoided inside of 100 yards. Please read included safety instructions and follow the link to our manuals and instructions page on our site for more information.**

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