The Dueling Tree concept has been around for quite some time. What we wanted to achieve was the most refined and consistent system that was more innovative than any of the others on the market. We created two very different versions to fill the needs of as many customers as possible. The pistol version is a smaller unit, standing approximately 5 feet tall and weighing a total of about 90 pounds. The Rifle Dueling Tree is the bigger brother, standing approximately 6 feet tall and weighing in at around 140 pounds. The largest benefit of the Rifle Dueling tree is it is FULLY armored with 1/4" AR500 steel, an industry first. For more information on each target version, click on the models below. 

Licensed under U.S. Pat. Nos. 6,994,348 and 6,994,349


- Flipping targets are made of 3/8” AR500 steel (Pistol Dueling Tree) and 3/8" AR550 steel (Rifle Dueling Tree)

- Angled vertical support is angled at approximately 75 degrees forward to dispel bullet fragmentation

- Includes base, verticle angle assembly, and paddle targets with order

- Completely tool-less assembly and disassembly

- Base not intended to withstand bullet impacts

- Please note that the Pistol Dueling Tree is NOT Rifle rated and should not be used with Rifles at all. If rifle use is desired, purchase the Rifle Dueling Tree.

- The Dueling Tree targets ship in two packages. Please be cautious handling the packages. 

Manuals and Instructions:

Please visit our Manuals and Instructions page.




pistol-dueling-tree-1.jpg pistol-dueling-tree-2.jpg pistol-dueling-tree-3.jpg pistol-dueling-tree-4-.jpg pistol-dueling-tree-5.jpg pistol-dueling-tree-6.jpg pistol-dueling-tree-7.jpg pistol-dueling-tree-8.jpg pistol-dueling-tree-9.jpg pistol-dueling-tree-10.jpg pistol-dueling-tree-11.jpg pistol-dueling-tree-12.jpgpistol-dueling-tree-13.jpgpistol-dueling-tree-14.jpgpistol-dueling-tree-15.jpgpistol-dueling-tree-16.jpgrifle-dueling-tree-1.jpgrifle-dueling-tree-2.jpgrifle-dueling-tree-3.jpgrifle-dueling-tree-4.jpgrifle-dueling-tree-5.jpgrifle-dueling-tree-6.jpgrifle-dueling-tree-7.jpgrifle-dueling-tree-8.jpgrifle-dueling-tree-9.jpgrifle-dueling-tree-10.jpgrifle-dueling-tree-11.jpgrifle-dueling-tree-12.jpgrifle-dueling-tree-13.jpgrifle-dueling-tree-14.jpgrifle-dueling-tree-15.jpgrifle-dueling-tree-16.jpg