Rifle DT Paddles: 556 Paddles (6 Paddles, White)

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Our Rifle Dueling Tree has become the standard for carbine rated Dueling Trees in this market. It is the only one that is fully armored with AR500 steel to ensure that high velocity impacts on the upright are simply deflected and do not damage the backbone of the system. Our Rifle Rated Dueling Tree was originally designed for carbines, but quickly we determined that we should offer a dedicated pistol paddle for the Rifle Dueling Tree system.

You are looking at our 556 paddles which are designed for high volume 556, 300 blackout, 7.62x39 use. These also work with pistols, however light 115 grain 9mm will have a hard time rotating the paddles. Hot 124 grain or 147 grain ammunition usually works much better. .40 S&W and .45 ACP will rotate these paddles. If you mostly shoot pistols, we recommend the reduced pistol paddles for consistency of operation. These paddles are 3/8" AR550 steel. 

You are purchasing a set of SIX paddles, which is enough for ONE complete Dueling Tree System. This does NOT include the base or upright support for the system or any hardware. FREE SHIPPING. 



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