Replacement 1/2" AR550 Magnum A-DAP plate

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This is a replacement 1/2" AR550 BC Torso Target for our A-DAP System. It comes with new bolts and angles on the back, already installed. ("Head" assembly and Base sold seperately) This target is designed for pistol use at 10 yards. .223 may be used as close as 30 yards minimum. .308 may be used at 50 yards, and all calibers larger than 308, up to and including .338 lapua, should remain at 100 yards minimum. Please note that although the stock image shows etched target zones on the target plate, the 1/2" AR550 plate does not have etching zones. This target measures approximately 12"wx24" tall and comes with two of our angles bolted to the back for our A-DAP top bracket. The A-DAP top bracket must be purchased separately. This target comes painted as shown in the pictures. (Please note image shown is a stock image, your target may vary slightly). 



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