We have compiled on this page all of our user manuals and other documents that we send along with each and every target we ship. Even though we send them along with each shipment, we realize some customers may want to download electronic copies or simply print off another copy for their records. We encourage you to print and download these to ensure that you utilize our different targets and systems properly, to ensure your safety and the longevity of your investment!

 Please click the links below to open and print the corresponding pdf manuals:

Safe Shooting Instructions

A-DAP Instruction Manual

Magnum A-DAP Instruction Manual

Goliath Instruction Manual

Pistol Hostage Instruction Manual

Rifle Hostage Instruction Manual

Zone Target Instruction Manual

Pistol Dueling Tree Instruction Manual

Rifle Dueling Tree Instruction Manual

Falling Tree Instruction Manual

Please click the link below this line if you would like to print our full catalog:

2017 Product Lineup


Also take a moment to download and read our Wear and Tear guide before shooting any of our targets or systems:

Wear and Tear Guide