Goliath A-DAP Target 2.0

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Continuous innovation: This is the heartbeat of our mission. We desire to continue to offer only the most radically refined steel target systems in this universe, designed for the most rigorous use. We continue that legacy forward with the NEW A-DAP 2.0 Line of portable steel target systems. 

The A-DAP 2.0 target system features an adjustable angle bracket that allows various degrees of forward lean. This lean is steeper and more versatile than our previous generations of A-DAP steel target systems which results in an even more well-rounded system for steel target connoisseurs. This laser cut, precision formed set of brackets allows nearly 45 degrees of lean with our C Zone target system and nearly 40 degrees of lean with our Mini A-DAP system. Our users can now choose the best lean for their needs and target presentation requirements. These systems now also feature a revised A-DAP top bracket that has been extended almost 2" to allow more movement of the steel plate when impacted. Users can continue to couple their existing hostage accessories with this system. This is total compatibility with older accessories. This step in the evolution of our A-DAP AR550 Steel Target Systems is a pivotal moment in our history as we further define what it truly means to create the ultimate steel target systems and components. 

Our Second Generation Goliath Target is specifically designed for ultra high volume, large caliber rifle target shooting. This target starts out as a beefed up version of our A-DAP system and is offered in 1/2" AR550 steel. The plate size is a modified D Zone target system that has several key features that create a target plate that is more durable for harder hitting calibers. We rounded many of the corners and added material in key places to add strength to the system. We took what we learned from our previous Goliath target and created an even more refined, even more audible target system for our big bore customer. The key to this system is the fact that it is a similar, low contact mount like our A-DAP system, but we added two extra hardened bolts for added strength at the mounting method. The A-DAP top bracket is 3/8" Mild steel for extreme durability. Customers can purchase this system with one of three different base options and our newly re-designed mounting method matches our standard A-DAP systems, which means our customers now have the option to run our Hostage assembly AND armored posts, should they choose these options at checkout. This is the ultimate system and is designed to outlast and outperform all others, especially when used with 50 BMG.

Take a moment to read through our specifications of this target system:


- Target plate is offered in 1/2" AR550 steel

- Approximately 24" wide x 38" tall. This target plate starts out as a D zone USPSA target but then is modified to add strength and rigidity

- Forward lean is approximately 15 degrees

- Target Plate moves when struck which is critical to the safety and longevity of the system

- Available with (3) different base options

 - For lighter calibers up to 300 winchester magnum, choose our 20" base or our Arachnid base. Using 50 BMG on these bases MAY knock the target system over at 100 yards.  

 - For calibers up to 50 BMG at 100 yards MINIMUM please choose our 26" round base. This is the ONLY base we rate as stable enough for 50 BMG. Some terrain conditions/slopes MAY require staking for ultimate stability. 

- Center fire pistols: 10 Yards

-Centerfire Rifles: (.223/5.56 NATO, 300 blackout, 7.62x39): 30 yards, (308, 6.5 CM, .243): 50 yards. 

- Tool-less design means fast setup and teardown, even considering the size of this system

- Target ships in multiple packages depending on accessories purchased. 

-Approximate weight (completely assembled) 140-180 pounds


Manuals and Instructions:

Please visit our Manuals and Instructions page.

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Approximate Weight
140-180 Pounds Assembled


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Only Steel I Buy!
Written by Ava on Feb 14th 2020

Hands down the best steel. My favorite part is the distinct sound the steel makes every time a round hits it. This is due to the quality of the steel and smart engineering. It helps a lot when shooting long distance.

The only steel I buy
Written by Matthew Parsons on Feb 13th 2020

Seriously. If I’m looking for a new steel target, there is only one company I consider and it’s TA Targets. This Goliath ADAP is a monster and sounds like freedom when it rings. It’s a must have.

Written by HoodNeck on Feb 13th 2020

The best targets in the game !

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