Double Rifle Falling Tree

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The Double Falling tree is exactly what it sounds like: Two Falling Tree uprights on a single 30" Base. Run it by yourself or race your range partner to the bottom. Each Falling Tree Upright has 8 drops and the system totals 16 drops. When used with two shooters, the alternating and dropping paddles are extremely confusing and hard to track, which makes this target perfect for perfecting recoil management, sight picture, and follow through. There simply is not other target like our Double Falling Tree, and at price points lower than most Dueling Tree targets, you simply cannot go wrong. 

  ** Due to anticipated high volume there may be a slight lead time on this item. Contact us for more information if needed. 


- Rifle Rated: $599.99

- Pistol Use (9mm, .40, .45) 10 yards minimum

- Rifle Use limited to calibers like .223/5.56 NATO, .300 Blackout, and 7.62x39 at 50 yards minimum. 

- NOT intended for calibers like .308 winchester

- Front Deflector shields are made from 1/4" AR500 and angled for bullet deflection

- 6” Diameter paddle is made from 3/8” AR550 steel and is one piece. This is much stronger than AR500 steel. 

- Target may be disassembled without tools

- Very low Maintenance target system

- Approximately 150 pounds assembled

- Ships in two separate boxes

- Note: Base is not intended to withstand bullet impacts

-Note: Never use Penetrator or Armor Piercing Ammunition




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Great fun and well built.
Written by Mitch on Sep 3rd 2019

More challenging than the standard dueling tree as you have to not only change your aim laterally but in elevation also. Great for fun or training.

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