Forging The Journey Podcast Episode #9

2018 was a long year. It was a hard year. It was full of trials and obstacles to overcome. The growth of Tatargets has been no easy feat. At times it feels like a constant battle and I am constantly trying to stay positive and motivated. 

This is the reality of business. This is the reality of life. 

We each will go through phases in our years on earth where we will have hard times. I am constantly reminding myself to stay positive and keep the focus forward. Look for the bright things and the successes. I am not saying we should forget the failures. I think we need to remember them and learn from them but we cannot let them define us. 

2019 is a blank slate. We all have an opportunity to do more, to be better. I know that is what we will do. We will continue being thankful for the blessings we have received and we will continue to drive this ship forward. 

Happy new year! Here's to the journey!