Forging The Journey Podcast Episode #4

Have you ever lost focus? Have you ever wondered how you could learn to focus more? Graig and I dig a little deeper into our methods and what we have learned so far in our journey as business owners. 

Look, staying focused is something I have always struggled with. It has always been difficult for me to focus on the most important things daily. Sometimes when I don't know exactly what my next step is, I do "busy" stuff so I feel like I am being effective. I feel like we often overthink this and some of us don't give it enough thought. 

Here are some things that have helped me up to this point:

1.) Make concise lists (keep it simple here, don't make overwhelming lists)

2.) Prioritize the most important items on the list and clearly mark them

3.) Set aside COMMITTED time to make these items happen

4.) Follow through and give yourself a weekly self evaluation. Learn, grow, follow through, repeat. 

This journey as business owners is a learning experience. There is a lot riding on the decisions we make and it is important that we push ourselves to grow in this area. 

Give the whole podcast a listen. I hope it helps you out and gives you some ideas on how you can be more effective as a business owner or employee. 

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Stay well Friends!