ADAP Hostage Target Assembly

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You are looking at the next addition to the A-DAP Lineup of targets! Traditionally we offered two hostage targets, the pistol and rifle hostage systems. These systems were great, and they offered many users a great shooting experience. The downside to them was that they are a fixed target and did not resonate as well as the A-DAP system when struck on the body of the target. From the beginning we designed the A-DAP with the ability to expand into different systems, so it was a natural move to transition away from a second hostage system, and combine that function with the A-DAP target. This allows our customers who already have an A-DAP to run a hostage setup without having to invest in a completely different system. This retains the signature ring of our A-DAP with the function of the hostage system. 

The gusset assembly simply bolts onto any A-DAP top bracket using (4)  bolts and nuts/washers. You are purchasing a welded gusset assembly, hardware, and a paddle. The gussets simply slide over any of our A-DAP brackets that you currently own, and tighten down with (4) bolts. The gussets are hidden from the front behind the target head plate. These work with ALL of our current A-DAP models. 

 ***PLEASE NOTE: If you have a 1st Generation A-DAP bracket (it will have 6 holes) you will need to use the included 3/16" machine bolts. If you have a second generation bracket (it will have 4 holes) use the 1/4" bolts.***


-Available standard with the reduced pistol paddle (for pistols and calibers up to 556/300 blackout) For other paddle options, look at our replacement parts for our Rifle Dueling Tree replacement paddles

-Forward lean to deflect fragmentation to the ground

-Paddles are made from 3/8" AR550 steel

-Gussets and side brackets are made from 1/4" AR500 steel

-All necessary hardware included

-Comes with (one) reduced Pistol/556 paddle, (4) 1/4" Bolts with nuts, (4) 3/16" bolts with nuts, welded gusset assembly, instructions

-$12 Flat Rate shipping in all 50 US states.

- You may find the need to stake your target base depending on the distance and calibers used as well as the plate size. If you find the need to stake your target simply put stakes either in the holes around the base (2 stakes should be fine) or in the middle between the cross pieces. The target may want to "walk" side to side from the movement of the paddle with large calibers. 

- This does NOT include a base or target plate, just the hostage assembly and hardware needed to bolt onto an A-DAP top bracket. 





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Keeps Me Humble
Written by Michael Mooney on Jan 23rd 2020

The Quality of this Hostage Target Assembly is top notch just like TAT's other products. I added this to my A-Dap target system and have found it is a great reality check whenever I'm feeling a bit cocky in my skill. It works well with both my 9mm and 45acp, can't speak to anything smaller than a 9mm.

Written by Braxton Nelson on Nov 9th 2019

I took advantage where one of these was included with the purchase of an ADAP system. What a deal, targets are super high quality and I've owned steel from multiple companies. I will only buy from these guys from now on. Worth every penny.

Fun challenging target system!
Written by Jesse on Feb 19th 2019

Ive had a few 2/3 Magnum A-DAP target systems for a little bit now. But when i ordered the next one i had to step it up and get this bad boy with it too. So much fun and of course not easy from certain distances. I will be ordering more soon!

You'll thank yourself...
Written by James on Aug 26th 2018

Same great quality as all the TAT targets I've purchased. Perfect fit to the ADAP mount. Every range should have at least one.

Always innovating!
Written by Stephen on Jul 16th 2018

Perfect addition to my 3/8" AR550 Magnum A-DAP System. Plus this company ROCKS! They respond quickly to questions and give amazon a run for their money when it comes to processing and shipping! From order to delivery in 3 days!! Keep up the great work and you’ll have this customer for life.

Awesome Addition
Written by David Addorisio on Jul 16th 2018

This add on to my A-Dap target adds a whole new dimension. It allows for new drills, and a lot more fun. It works flawlessly and is made of superior quality.

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