Our Story began on a range in West Virginia. 

Two of our founders, Ethan and Kirby, had been spending time in West Virginia for a training course at Storm Mountain Training Center when they experienced malfunctions and failures in some of the steel target systems that were being used. Many of the targets also did not offer good audible feedback when bullets impacted them. Many of these targets showed fatal designs and concepts, which were a root cause for their pre-mature failures. Cracked welds, broken brackets, unstable bases are a common flaw with many systems, and the market is littered with these poor designs. The training course continued throughout the week, and Ethan and Kirby truly enjoyed the learning experience, but a seed was planted that eventually would grow and blossom into what you see today. Although we live and manufacture our targets in Pennsylvania: Tatargets was born in West Virginia. 


The Mission:


Tactical AR500 Targets was born after seeing a serious need in the industry. While steel target manufacturers litter the landscape by the dozens, we realized that there was nobody offering true value to their customers. The name of the game for many of these companies is making targets as cheap as possible, and the casualty of this mindset is quality and value for customers purchasing these products. When a company's only interest is making a product as cheap as possible, rather than being a part of a customers journey, is it even possible to offer true Value to that customer? Value goes further than the price point, and it is important that your dollars are invested in a target that will be a part of your story for years to come. We are committed to clearing the field and becoming your go to source for all things steel targets. You should be proud of your purchase. You work hard for your money, you deserve only the best targets and systems. 


The Process:


Our team has taken all of our combined expertise in many fabrication and design fields and we have created products that surpass expectations and offer an incredible value to our customers. Each target system goes through a rigorous design and prototyping process where we attempt to destroy the product that we have built for testing. We refine the system and continue abuse tests until we are 100% confident in the product we are offering our customers. We do not quit until we achieve what we have set out to do, and we do not sell products that we wouldn't stand behind. Ethan and Kirby are both owners of Richard Sensenig Company, a company that has been in business for 6 decades, which has enabled TATargets to provide excellence and service in a way that wouldn't have otherwise been possible as a startup company. We work out of the same building and fabricate everything in house. This allows us to completely oversee quality control of our products. From raw materials to finished product, you can be 100% confident you are receiving the highest quality. If you would like to learn more about Richard Sensenig Company, click here



The People:


Tatargets is owned and operated by three owners. Kirby Sensenig is the President of operations. Kirby tracks financials, growth, process and keeps the gears moving behind the scenes. Jared Daub is Vice President of Design and Marketing. Jared oversees the drafting, design, social media marketing, and customer interaction. Ethan Sensenig is Vice President of production and is stepping in to oversee production of our high quality products along with the shop foreman. Ethan is responsible to ensure the product inventory stays stocked, and tracks production. At the end of the day we are three normal guys, made of the same "stuff" you are. We have a dream, a vision, and we are pursuing it with vicious intensity. 



Next Steps:


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