A-DAP Armored Steel Post

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There is always room for innovation and we are constantly listening to the needs of our customers. Traditionally many of our systems have utilized 2x4 boards. While it is true that 2x4 boards are very inexpensive, disposable options for training, many higher volume shooters find these 2x4's a burden to keep on hand. It is simply one more thing to maintain. Knowing that some of our customers wanted something more permanent, we designed an AR500 post option that eliminates the 2x4 post. 

The main portion of this post is cut from 3/8" AR500 steel. At the bottom it is welded to a mild steel tube that will slide into any of our current base designs. The top of the Armored Post is shaped identically to our A-DAP top bracket which means our hostage accessory will bolt right up and work as it does with the A-DAP top bracket. This is a truly remarkable step for our high volume customers. 

The post is a tool-less assembly and installs exactly the same as the 2x4 post does. Simply drop into the base, tighten the thumb screws, attach your favorite A-DAP target plate to the top and enjoy!

While not for everyone, we know that many people will love the fact that they can now "set and forget" about there targets. In other words you can spend more time shooting and training to become a better defender, and less time having awkwardly long dry conversations with the home improvement store clerk in the wood aisle. 



- The Main post body is made from high quality 3/8" AR500 steel. The bottom tube is mild steel

- Standard Tool-less construction, just like our other A-DAP targets

- Post height is 4'-0 and is currently not adjustable. We settled for 4 feet because it is the sweet spot for target balance and height. 

- The A-DAP Armored post works with any of our A-DAP systems. This is not, however, designed for the Goliath System

- The A-DAP Armored post works with our Hostage Assembly

*NOTE: although the post is made from AR500 steel, it should not be treated as a target. Many of our target plates are rated for closer distances due to their material construction. Intentional repeated impacts to the post should be avoided especially at close distances. Do NOT intentionally shoot the post.  

Approximate weight of the A-DAP post is 20 pounds

- Ships wrapped in self adhesive corrugated wrap (approximately 8" wide x 60" long x 1" tall.)

- This is for the post ONLY. No target plates or bases are included with this item. 

- Not intended for steel core or penetrator ammunition


So what kind of lifespan can you expect from our AR550 A-DAP systems? We anticipate that, when used properly, our targets can withstand 25,000 rounds to 50,000 rounds of use. That is honestly a conservative number as we have departments with over 150,000 confirmed rounds on our 1/2" AR550 A-DAP targets. The key here is PROPERLY. Using ammunition that goes against our recommendations or shooting projectiles and calibers closer than recommended will shorten the lifespan. You will put wear and tear on the plate throughout its life. We recommend rotating the plate as soon as you see warping or any pitting. Doing this proactively will further increase the lifespan. If you have questions contact us at info@tatargets.com


Manuals and Instructions:

Please visit our Manuals and Instructions page.




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