A-DAP 2.0 Conversion Angles (Long)

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These angles will convert older A-DAP target plates to the NEW 2.0 Revision. The seven hole locations will allow up to 45 degrees of lean with the C Zone plates, up to 23 degrees of lean with the New Goliath Target system, and up to 16 Degrees with our D Zone A-DAP target system (coming soon). These angles CAN be purchased alone in this kit, but we highly recommend checking out THIS kit where you will receive a complete package to fully rebuild your A-DAP target system. 


- Precision Laser Cut from BEEFY 1/4" Mild steel

- CNC formed to a perfect 90 degree angle

- Holes are laser cut for precise fit 

- These angles ONLY work with the following products: C Zone A-DAP Plate, Goliath Target Plate, D Zone A-DAP target plate. DO NOT use these with our Mini A-DAP or MOD A Zone systems. For angles for these systems, click HERE. 

- Kit includes a LEFT AND RIGHT angle (2 angles total)

- Angles ship unpainted

- Does NOT include hardware

- Ships via Ground Shipping Methods

1/4" Mild Steel


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Hanger Review
Written by Michael Lang on Apr 27th 2020

Marketable improvement over the previous hanger design. The increased plate angle and adjustability will no doubt add to the safety and life of the targets. It was a Great upgrade for our Goliath plates.

Excellent Angle Adjustment
Written by Michael Mooney on Feb 2nd 2020

Depending on what you're shooting and where you want the splatter to go, these angles will give you that ability. As with every other TAT product, the quality is top notch.

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