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300 Blackout 220 GR Subsonic 50 CT

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In 2015 we began TA Targets with a mission to create the most radically refined target systems that we knew the firearms industry needed. At the time, our thoughts were centered around steel targets. As we have grown as a brand, we have realized that we have a much, much bigger role to play. We want to create a lifestyle around our values and targets is only one piece to that puzzle. 

We are defenders, protectors of those we love. We know the value of quality gear and training components and we are well aware of the garbage in the market. We run modern arms, suppressors, short barreled platforms just as the founders intended. Through our journey we became dissatisfied with the ammunition hitting the market. Like our targets, we knew this industry needed a leader in high quality factory re-manufactured ammunition. We aren't talking about bottom of the barrel sketchy stuff. This is carefully crafted ammunition meant to serve one purpose: to arm and equip modern minute men who are ready to respond at a moments call. 

Our 300 Blackout ammunition is the first offering we are bringing to market. This is carefully crafted from the finest quality reprocessed brass. Reprocessed brass is like a gas tank. It can be filled multiple times when processed correctly. Just like our AR550 target systems, we start with the highest quality components first. The 220 grain TMJ bullet is a perfect balance of cost and performance. Accuracy and reliability/consistency is unmatched. Whether you run a 5" or a 16" 300 blackout platform you can rest assured that this ammo will answer the call. This ammunition is NON-EXPANDING and is SUBSONIC. This means it travels less than the speed of sound. When used with a suppressor, this ammunition is nearly silent. These rounds are quite literally the highest quality subsonic training rounds you will find on the market and they are priced right. 



-Caliber: 300 Blackout

- Bullet Weight: 220 Grain

- Bullet Construction: TMJ (= Total Metal Jacket non expanding projectile. This is NOT a defensive or hunting projectile)

- Velocity (Average): 1060 FPS *Note: Actual Velocity will vary depending on barrel lengths. 

- Will maintain subsonic performance through most barrel lengths

- Ultra High Quality factory re-manufactured ammunition. These are not grand pappy's reloads from 1960. 

- Ammo is currently packaged in Tac-Pac packaging. 




A few things to note: We do NOT sell ammunition directly to communist states. States that do not believe in freedom include: California, New Jersey, New York, Illinois, Connecticut and Massachusetts. Our system WILL NOT allow you to checkout if you reside in one of these states. We cannot direct ship to Alaska or Hawaii through our site. Please contact us for questions regarding Alaska and Hawaii shipments. If you are in a communist state, have your FFL contact us with a copy of their FFL. We CAN ship ammunition to licensed dealers.

We reserve the right to REFUSE ammunition sales to any person, for any reason at all at our discretion. Ammunition can ONLY be purchase by persons 18 years of age or older (21 or older if your state requires). By Purchasing our ammunition YOU certify and guarantee that you are a legal US citizen who is 18 years of age (or legal age to purchase in your state) or older and are not barred from purchasing loaded ammunition.

All ammo purchases will ship UPS

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1060 FPS
Bullet Weight
220 Grain
Bullet Construction
Factory Remanufactured
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