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3/8" AR500 A-DAP Target System

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Adaptive Dynamic AR500 Platform, or as we call it: The A-DAP Target System. We created this platform with goal of having an affordable system that is innovative and expandable, helping to further the training of anyone from novice to professional skill levels. The target is able to move freely when struck, limiting the wear on the plate from bullet impacts. The target plate also hangs on a forward angle to help dispel the bullet spalling away from the shooter and this version of the A-DAP system is 3/8" AR500 for all handgun and standard centerfire rifle use. 

The system was designed to allow the maximum vibration of the steel when struck creating a deep rich ring with every shot, no matter the placement. The A-DAP system requires no tools for setup, and can be broken down and easily transported. The base is unique as it allows the use of 1x2 rough cut furring strips to utilize a full size cardboard or paper silhouette target in front of the steel target.

This combination creates the visual feedback from paper and the audible feedback from steel that you need to further your training! All of our targets are made in the USA by Americans from high quality materials utilizing state of the art high definition plasma and laser equipment. The A-DAP target platform is a game changer and a must have, especially for those looking to do high volume shooting and training!


  • Target plate is AR500 steel
  • The target plate is approximately 12" wide x 24" tall (BC style)
  • 3/8 inch (AR500) plate is rated for handguns and rifles
  • Handgun use: 10 yards minimum
  • Rifle Use: 100 yards minimum up to 308 winchester, 200+ yards with magnum calibers
  • Includes base, top, target face with purchase
  • 2x4 upright support not included, must be provided by customer
  • Base not intended to withstand bullet impacts


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Top Quality
Written by Sizzling Pig on Nov 19th 2016

I was initially concerned because I had never heard of this company until I saw an ad on FB, but took a chance because the ADAP system seemed pretty innovative. Well, I have to say I am not disappointed. This is a top quality product on par with best I've seen used in competitive matches, and at a good price too. I highly recommend it.

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