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3/8" AR500 10" DIAMETER GONG

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This 10" Diameter 3/8" thick gong is made of high quality AR500 steel with (2) square holes burned into the plate to accomodate 1/2" Diameter carriage bolts. This gong is suitable for all rimfire and standard handgun calibers as well as rifle calibers under 3000fps. Handguns should be used at 10 yards minimum as well as rimfire and rifles should be 100 yards minimum.



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Nice target so far!
Written by undefined on Oct 18th 2016

I just took my target to the range for the first time. It held up just fine with 55gr .223 and 196 grain 8mm Mauser. Just very minor dimples were left by the 8mm, probably a 64th or less. I'm going to give 147gr x54r steel core next range trip and I will update on how it goes.

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