2/3 Magnum A-DAP (30% Reduced C Zone)

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The steel target industry is full of posers. There, we said it. There are companies who will gladly take your money, but the product they offer is at best inferior and at worst downright scary. We have heard countless stories of "the other guys" not holding up their end of the deal. Enough of that. We're proud to be a company who creates top tier target systems for shooters who believe they deserve a better target system. We stock plenty of these systems and most will ship same or next day. We don't take your money and make you wait weeks for any communication only to fail to deliver on our end of the deal. If there is ever a delay we will contact you personally and immediately. 

With that being said, welcome to our most popular target system to date: The 2/3 Magnum A-DAP system!

This target is designed with serious shooters in mind who wish to have a more realistic "A Zone" style target that is affordable and can take the rigors from close range rifle use. We spent months tweaking the mounting location and attachments/design as well as the plate dimensions to create a target system that will last tens of thousands of rounds. The report from the target when struck is very clear and audible, and this target features a steeper lean angle than our typical A-DAP system. The steeper lean helps deflect bullet energy to offer and exceptionally long life span. The 3/8" AR550 construction is much more durable and resistant to chipping and pitting than the industry standard AR500 steel, even when used under 100 yards with calibers such as .223/5.56 NATO. The base and top bracket attachments are identiclal to our regular A-DAP system, so shooters can rest assured that they have the most rugged and stable platform available. All of this combined creates a target that is destined to be on everyone's range. The time for settling for less is over, the time for better targets is NOW. 




- Extremely durable and stable 20" round base

- Standard Tool-less construction, just like our other A-DAP targets

- 3/8" AR550 plate construction, which can be unbolted and flipped to extend life of target

- Available upgrade to 1/2" AR550. 1/2" AR550 means serious business!

- Target Plate Dimensions: Approximately 8" Wide x 16" Tall

- Bolts are our standard GRADE 8 Carriage bolts

- The forward lean is approximately 10 degrees steeper than our regular A-DAP systems

- 3/8" AR550 version is rated for pistols at 10 yards, .223-308 at 50 yards. Larger calibers 100 yards. 

- 1/2" AR550 version is rated for pistols at 10 yards, .223 as close as 30 yards (with proper ammo), 308 at 50 yards, magnum rifle calibers at 100 yards and beyond

- Add the Hostage Assembly for a reactive twist to an already epic target system. Click here to learn more about the Hostage Assembly. 

*NOTE: Distance recommendations are determined with lead core, copper jacketed ammunition with a muzzle velocity of 3,000 FPS or less. Faster ammunition may require further distances to avoid possible dimpling of the plate. 

- Approximate weight of complete system is 45 pounds

- Ships in a 24"x24"X6" box

- Base not intended to withstand bullet impacts

- Not intended for steel core or penetrator ammunition


So what kind of lifespan can you expect from this target? We anticipate that, when used properly, our targets can withstand 25,000 rounds to 50,000 rounds of use. That is honestly a conservative number as we have departments with over 150,000 confirmed rounds on our 1/2" AR550 A-DAP targets. The key here is PROPERLY. Using ammunition that goes against our recommendations or shooting projectiles and calibers closer than recommended will shorten the lifespan. You will put wear and tear on the plate throughout its life. We recommend rotating the plate as soon as you see warping or any pitting. Doing this proactively will further increase the lifespan. If you have questions contact us at info@tatargets.com


Manuals and Instructions:

Please visit our Manuals and Instructions page.



Upgrade your Target to 1/2" AR550 *
Add an Armored Post to Your Order? No more pesky 2x4's PLUS This armored post ships FREE when ordered with a system!!
Add A Hostage Assembly To Your A-DAP? Save 25% Off Your Hostage Assembly Now When You Bundle. (That's $32.50 Off!)
Extra Hardware option. Includes (2) spare Grade 8 Carriage bolts, (2) lock nuts, one clevis pin, one clip. Adds $8 to total.


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#1 steel targets hands down!!!
Written by Daniel on Aug 21st 2019

Amazing quality, super fast shipping (got mine 2 days after ordering) and amazing customer service!! I will definitely be back to buy more!!!

Top tier.
Written by Aaron on Jun 5th 2019

It’s always awesome to find a company that operates with integrity. This target is true quality, and sings surprisingly well for the size that it is. Also the hostage flipper is super fun to throw in to any drill. I might have to wait until next Memorial Day to purchase more targets, but they will definitely be TA. Yeah, targets are expensive, but these ones are reasonably priced for the quality they are.

2/3 Magnum A-DAP
Written by Declan De-vlugt on Apr 20th 2019

This company provides great service! Their shipping is quick I ordered my target Sunday night, it shipped Monday and I received it Wednesday. The package was in great condition when it arrived and packed very well. The target itself was flawless and very simple to setup. You can see the quality in these targets compared to other steel target companies. I plan on making more orders from them very soon. You can’t go wrong buying from these guys! Everything was better than expected. Do not hesitate to order anything from this website.

Written by Jim on Feb 27th 2019

Those who know, know. This is the best steel target system on the market! You get what you pay for with this target. Long lasting and practical for many different training situations. This is that target solution I have been looking for.

Amazing System
Written by Nate on Feb 27th 2019

I ordered three of these systems for my personal use and I can say they are nothing short of amazing. The quality workmanship, materials, and design are unparalleled. I never used to really understand the hype until I got hands on myself. Now I see why they are so wildly popular. If you are intending to putting some serious hours in at the range this year, I strongly suggest you consider an investment in your target systems. A+ for these folks. (Not to mention my targets shipped the day after I placed the order!!)

Great customer service
Written by kurt curtis on Dec 22nd 2018

I had an issue with my order and sent Jared an email. He replied and we solved the issue over the weekend. Called on Monday and my order shipped the next day. I will be ordering another target from Jared and the crew.

True Quality
Written by Phillip on Dec 10th 2018

I purchased the 2/3 Magnum A-DAP 3/8 target system for the first time from TAT Targets and right when I unboxed the product I was impressed. The quality, simplicity, and engineering that goes into these products are above my expectations. I’ve always used home made targets and they’re okay but these targets are worth every penny. Can already tell just after the first use at the range that this target has a long life ahead of it. TAT Targets are now and forever the only targets I’ll purchase.

Worth Every Penny!
Written by Mike D. on Sep 17th 2017

Let's be honest shooting paper is boring. The satisfaction of hearing that ping when you hit this target is like no other. The construction is top notch and the best part is that it is made in the USA! The ease of breakdown makes transporting a dream. The size of this 2/3 target is perfect for keeping you honest. This is the first steel I've bought from you guys and it won't be my last keep up the good work guys!

steel target mini silhouette
Written by Doug Morton on Sep 11th 2017

This is my second one, and I plan on buying couple more. WIsh I had money to buy them all at once. Absolutely awesome targets!! Well built, easy to put up and store. Highly recommend!! Shooting tree next on my list.

Great Target!
Written by Travis J. on Jul 5th 2017

Excellent quality target system! Simple to setup, break down, and transport to & from the range. I shoot at multiple locations so the ability to transport these targets easily is a major plus. The size of the 2/3 Magnum A-DAP is great for how I use steel targets in my training. It is clear they put a lot of thought into designing & manufacturing this target system. Great work.

Let Freedom Ring!!!
Written by Mike E. on Jul 2nd 2017

I was fortunate enough to receive one of the first of these targets from the pre-order special. I had read awesome reviews on the full size A-DAP, but was a little skeptical about buying a 2/3 size... Well, I've got to say, the 2/3 size is plenty big! It actually encourages more carefully shot placement and trains the shooter to shoot tighter groups! I shot also shot this at the minimum recommended 50 yards with a .556 55gr bullet. Wholly cow, did it ring loud! If you had asked me if I thought it put a dent in the plate at that close of a distance, based on the force of the impact from the bullet, I would have said absolutely. Upon checking the target, I was amazed at how tough this metal is. Not even a dimple in it! This is good steal. This target will easily last me a lifetime of use. If you haven't ordered one of these yet, you need to go ahead and stop stalling, bite the bullet and get one on order. It is well worth the money and is an incredible value for $199. The quality of the stand, plate, and mounting system is second to none. Thanks TAT for such an incredible quality product!

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