1/2" AR550 Magnum 4" Diameter Gong

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These 1/2" AR550 gongs can be used with handguns up to magnum caliber rifles. Pistol calibers should be used at 10 yards minimum. .223/5.56 may be used as close as 30 yards from the gong. Calibers larger than .223/5.56 up to and including .308 winchester must be used at 50 yards or more. Anything larger than a .308 should be used at 100 yards. This is the same steel that makes up our legendary .50 caliber rated Goliath Target.



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1/2" AR550 4" Gong
Written by Gordon on Sep 22nd 2018

I’m a repeat customer and my most recent order was a small one - three 4” AR550 gongs. There was a discrepancy when I received the product - nothing major, and no issue with quality, or with the type or number of items sent - but I wrote the company to let them know that a mistake had been made. I wasn’t rude or upset, nor did I need, ask for, nor expect any type of replacement or refund. Nevertheless, the VP replied with an apology, a reasonable explanation and suggested a remedy. I would have been content with an acknowledgement of the issue, so their effort to make things right went so far beyond what was expected that I’m writing this review as both an endorsement and a thank you. This is an American company designing and manufacturing high quality products at good prices but, as importantly, they make an effort to respond to the feedback of their customers and go out of their way to exceed expectations and build on a solid reputation. It’s the quality and value of their targets that will keep me buying more for myself, but it’s the latter commitment to exceptional customer service that makes me 100% confident in recommending their company to my family and friends. Thank you and keep up the great work!

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