1/2" AR550 Magnum 10" Diameter Gong

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These 1/2" AR550 gongs can be used with handguns up to magnum caliber rifles. Pistol calibers should be used at 10 yards minimum. .223/5.56 may be used as close as 30 yards from the gong. Calibers larger than .223/5.56 up to and including .308 winchester must be used at 50 yards or more. Anything larger than a .308 should be used at 100 yards. This is the same steel that makes up our legendary .50 caliber rated Goliath Target.



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Exceptional Service and Quality
Written by Bryan on Apr 16th 2019

I just ordered yet another gong this morning, and it was exactly 1 hour and 3 minutes from the time I received my order confirmation to the time I received a shipping notification. These guys have the best guaranteed steel quality backed up by unrivaled customer service. I'm a lifelong customer.

Exceptional customer service
Written by Landon on Nov 19th 2016

Bought this target on a whim after seeing the brand being used on someone'a Instagram. Order was place on a Monday morning with free shipping, received an email later that day saying it shipped, and received it Wednesday evening. IMO, I can't ask for anything more. Target seems to be quality, but haven't taken it to the range yet.

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