TA Targets specializes in innovative and uniquely designed AR550 steel target systems that are currently being utilized by high level law enforcement, training professionals, military units, and armed citizens across this great nation. This is a movement to revolutionize the steel target industry. 


This is the Steel Revolution. 



*Update 6/15/2020 Our lead time is now 7 days. Please expect 7 days for processing after your order is placed. Some may take longer however most will ship within the 7 day window. 


Though we have have all been tried and tested over the last four months, we forge forward.  

Thank you all for your continued and overwhelming support of what we do. Thank YOU for being protectors and defenders of yourselves, your community, and families. 








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Steel Targets for All Modern Arms

"Steel Targets for All Modern Arms". If you have been around our company, our social media, or our packaging for any amount of time, you have probably seen this sticker. What does it mean? Why is it significant? To answer that question, we have

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Steel Targets for All Modern Arms

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